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Zimbabwe government to ban use of ordinary diesel

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Government of Zimbabwe will by March 1 next year, ban the use of ordinary diesel (D500) and introduce the more efficient D50, Energy and Power Development Minister Samuel Undenge said.

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Addressing a Press conference in Harare yesterday, Undenge said adoption of diesel 50 was in line with the dictates of the National Energy Policy.

The policy promotes the use of low sulphur and cleaner fuels as a measure to curb vehicle emissions, improve outdoor air quality and engine performance.

Government is also working on moving from unleaded petrol 93 to unleaded petrol 95, which will also come with climatic, environmental and health benefits.

"Diesel 50 is a better product compared to diesel 500 as it is more environmentally friendly, has better combustion quality, resulting in improved fuel consumption and engine performance," said Undenge.

"With effect from November 1 this year, all fuel importers will be required to import only diesel 50 into the country.

A grace period of four months will be allowed to flush out residual stocks of diesel 500 from the distribution infrastructure.

It is expected that with effect from March 1 next year, all diesel sold at the retail sites shall be diesel 50 and selling of any other fuel grade would become an offence."

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