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Zvezda shipyard to launch Russia’s largest dry dock in 2019

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Far Eastern shipyard Zvezda will launch Russia's largest dry dock until the end of 2019, Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov said during the International Far Eastern Maritime Show.

“I hope that we will launch the largest dry dock in Russia until the end of 2019, which would allow us to build ships of all classes and of all types, including military and civil vessels,” he said.

The metal working capacity of the Zvezda shipyard will amount to 330,000 tonnes, which equals a half of the combined capacity of all other Russian shipyards. The facility will build bodies of mid-sized and large ships, it will anchor the Far Eastern shipbuilding cluster, and undertake obligations to construct a fishing fleet for the Far East, he said.

Ruble depreciation made Russian shipyards more competitive against foreign shipyards, he added.

Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Oleg Ryazantsev said that the Far Eastern shipyard cluster will partake in construction of the world’s three most powerful nuclear icebreakers of the 22220 project, and in of a series of diesel-powered icebreakers. The Zvezda shipyard will also build a 120-megawatt Leader nuclear icebreaker, he said.

In total, Russian shipyards are to construct at least 80 modern hi-tech fishing ships in the five coming years, he said.

Andrei Shishkin, oil major Rosneft’s Vice President for Energy, Localization, and Innovations, said that the 82nd Ship Repair Factory located in the city of Murmansk would construct concrete foundations for the Arctic drilling rigs that Rosneft would use.

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