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Marantz PM7000N amplifier, fully discrete and made to perform

January 24, 2020
The PM7000N is the first fully discrete, current feedback integrated Hi-Fi Marantz amplifier with HEOS technology for network music access.

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Marantz PM7000N amplifier, fully discrete and made to perform

New Dell Precision workstations deliver intelligent performance

Sota Cosmos turntable for audiophile grade listening

January 17, 2020
The Sota Cosmos Eclipse turntable has long been a familiar name in the vinyl world, and enjoys a loyal following to this day. The base price: $8,500.

Asus VivoBook S lineup, blaze of color for 2020

January 10, 2020
Ordinary notebooks try to blend in with the crowd bus Asus VivoBooks stand out with bold designs.

Pioneer A-70DA amplifier, class and mass

December 20, 2019
Pioneer A-70DA amplifier, which weighs more than 17 kilos, is not just about mass, it is above all about class.

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G, fast as hell and affordable

December 13, 2019
Samsung Galaxy A90 5G,the first smartphone from the A series with 5G connectivity, includes features that are on par with those offered by high-spec flagship models, but the price is reasonable.

Cambridge Audio Alva TT, direct drive turntable with bluetooth worth every penny

December 6, 2019
Your music can be streamed from Alva TT to any compatible Bluetooth receiver at up to 24bit/48kHz Hi-Res quality.

Viotti Tower, MarkAudio's player for big league

November 22, 2019
MarkAudio SOTA’s flagship 2-way loudspeakers Viotti Tower combine Italian style with British sound experience.

New MacBook Pro: 80 percent faster and individually calibrated monitor

November 15, 2019
Apple unveiled a new 16-inch MacBook Pro designed for developers, photographers, filmmakers, scientists, music producers and anyone who needs power.

Acer delivers full lineup of Chromebooks

November 8, 2019
Acer debuted four new Chromebooks for families, students and small business owners in need of a Chromebook.

Microsoft Surface 3 is computing beast

October 25, 2019
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 with AMD Ryzen Surface Edition CPU and GPU is a 15-inch computing beast.
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