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Enjoy premiere with Samsung's huge Premiere screen

Dale Davies |
The Premiere is Samsung’s latest solution for those seeking the ultimate in in home cinema experiences.

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As The Premiere is entirely white, it is able to fit in smoothly with any interior design aesthetic. Furthermore, its rounded edge is accentuated with a Kvadrat fabric finish to evoke cozy and modern simplicity. When you think of installing projectors, the first thing that might come to your mind is a myriad of cables, fixtures and other components. However, The Premiere’s installation is as simple as plugging in its power cable and connecting it to a wireless network, meaning that even the least tech savvy of users can set up the projector with ease and start using it quickly and seamlessly.

What makes this easy installation possible is the way in which The Premiere has been designed to project. Compared to conventional projectors which require up to 3 or 4m of distance from the wall in order to provide big screen projections, The Premiere is an ultra short throw projector capable of creating a screen size of 2.5 meters when placed between close to the wall. The Premiere necessitates just some simple organization to accommodate its easy installation. Furthermore, The Premiere possesses a compact size that means users can easily install and rearrange the projector on their own.

The Premiere is available in two models a Triple Laser enabled model (LSP9T) and a Single Laser enabled model (LSP7T). The Premiere elevates the color display of its projection to 147% of the DCI P32 color gamut capable of bringing a sunset shot, for example, to life. Users can enjoy truly authentic renderings of the unique colors and vibrant tones of all their favorite iconic scenic shots. In order to allow users to enjoy the screen during daytime conditions, The Premiere features high brightness and contrast ratio levels.

The projector tops out at 2,800 ANSI lumens of brightness, the equivalent brightness of 2,800 candles. On top of that, as The Premiere’s 2,000,000:1 contrast range delivers all the most subtle contrast differences, users can enjoy a cinema like experience wherever they want. The Triple Laser enabled model allows you to enjoy a screen of up over three meters in size when the projector is placed 23.8cm away from the wall. Regardless of where a user is seated, the 4K screen is capable of showcasing content in all its glory at any angle, meaning that friends and family alike can benefit from the experience.

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