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LG's rollable TV: impressive OLED but insane price

Dale Davies |
LG Signature OLED R features rollable OLED screen for those of you who like new products.

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LG Signature OLED R boasts a liquid smooth 65-inch flexible OLED display that leverages self-lighting pixel technology and individual dimming control to deliver supreme picture quality. LG’s creation liberates users from the limitations of the wall, enabling owners to curate their living environment without having to permanently set aside space for a large, black screen that is only useful when turned on. It has three different viewing formats: Full View, Line View and Zero View.

The Signature OLED R offers all the other features you'd expect from a top TV: four HDMI 2.1 ports for 120Hz at 4K, support for HDR standards like Dolby Vision, a variable refresh rate, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support, and Dolby Atmos audio. LG says the TV will survive at least 100,000 rolls in its lifetime. The 65-inch 4K HDR display can roll up to hide entirely into the cabinet, or be set to peek out a touch for, what LG calls Line View. This enables owners to see important information, such as weather, the time and notifications without having to bring out the entire screen. When it is in Full View mode, it works just like any normal LG OLED TV, with webOS and other brand-specific features.

And that's it. It doesn't even have to best picture, or some other spectacular feature, it rolls. It may be cool to have something like that but even millionaires are not that crazy to spit out $100,000 for something that looks nice and will be out of fashion quickly. It's better to spend some money, let's say 50 times less, on some other LG TV, for example LG QNED Mini LED with Quantum Dot NanoCell color and Mini LED backlight technologies. Deeper blacks, more accurate color reproduction with greater contrast and brightness, in screen sizes ranging from 65 inches to 86 inches, this is a better choice.

G QNED Mini LED TV packs smaller LEDs into the backlight compared to other similarly-sized TV screens, increasing brightness and dimming zones. For example, LG’s 86-inch 8K TV (model 86QNED99UPA) is backlit by approximately 30,000 LED lights arranged to create about 2,500 local dimming zones to deliver 10 times better contrast ratio than conventional LCD TVs. Deeper blacks and greater details within dark areas create a heightened sense of depth that makes images seem more realistic. This is a device worth looking to.

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