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Marantz Pure Basic is not basic at all

Dale Davies |
Japanese company Marantz introduced from its Pure Basic series. As it is the case with every Marantz model, what we have here are fine examples of audio electronics.

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Japanese company Marantz introduced several new devices that belong to Pure Basic series. The name is a bit misleading because they are not basic at all. The new devices are CD player CD5003, amplifiers PM5003, PM7003 and P8003, and AM/FM tuner ST6003.

The new CD player Marantz CD5003 has a dynamic range of 100dB, a frequency response of 2Hz-20kHz, a signal noise ratio of 110dB, and Total Harmonic Distortion is 0.002%. In addition to compact discs, CD5003 can reproduce MP3 and WMA formats and it, of course, know how to reproduce CD-R/RW discs. The heart of that 200 Euros device is high quality DAC named CS4392.

Marantz also introduced three amplifiers elegantly named PM5003, PM7003 and P8003. The weakest one can deliver 40 Watts per channel at 8 ohms, the frequency range is 10Hz-50kHz, and signal to noise ratio is 100dB. That smaller amplifier will also cost around 200 Euros. A slightly biggest brother is PM7003 delivers slightly more power, two times 70W at 8 ohms, the frequency response is 5Hz-100kHz, and Total Harmonic Distortion is 0.02%. The price will be somewhere around 375 Euros. The strongest amplifiers is PM8003 with almost the same characteristics as 7003, but with HDAM-SA module. This model will cost around 560 Euros.

Another interesting Pure Basic device is the new AM/FM tuner named ST6003. The FM frequency range is standard, 76.0-90.0 MHz, as well as AM range of 531 kHz – 1602 kHz. In the FM area this 185-and-something-euros device has a signal to noise ratio of 70dB in stereo mode, while Total Harmonic Distortion is excellent 0.3%. At the AM side the distortion of 1% you will not hear, and a signal to noise ratio is 50dB. It is pleasure to see new and fine tuner in these days of internet radios. It is one proof more that radio will long and happy life as one of the rare stuff that wasn't destroyed by the Net.

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