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Surround Amplifier AVC-A1HD from Nippon Columbia

Dale Davies |
Denon AVC-A1HD is very heavy surround A/V amplifier with very powerful, yet sophisticated sound. It deserves to be seen and heard. Bring it home.

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Back in 1896 Mr. Frederick Whitney Horn was just one of the tools importers in Japan. Since a part of his business were records, he specialized in that area and in 1907 established Japan-U.S. Recorders Manufacturing. Tahe company started to manufacture records, then the recording studio was founded, and in 1910 Mr. Horn established Japan Recorders Corporation. Two years later Japan-U.S. Recorders Manufacturing and Japan Recorders Corporation merged (I know, its bit confusing now, but hold on), and in 1927 Columbia record entered the game with some money and with a name.

A year later Japan Columbia Recorders was born. That name obviously wasn't good enough, so it became Nippon Columbia. Our short story with names ended in 1946 when Nippon Columbia bought Japan Denki Onkyo and - Denon was born.

Denon is very respected name, and looking at AVC-A1HD you see why. Denon AVC-A1HD is 7-channel A/V Surround Amplifier. It delivers 150 W at 8 ohms on every channel: Front left and right, centre, surround left and right, surround back left and right. All in all, plenty of power. That beast that weights 29 kg has everything that you may want in your wildest dreams, and a few additional features.

All circuits are redesigned to make all audio and video signal paths as short as possible. Here are Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoders and Audyssey Dynamic EQ loudness correction technology will take care about room's acoustic characteristics.

For colours to be rich there's Deep Color technology in 36 bits, HDMI to HDMI scaling up to 1080p, and HD/SD video noise reduction functionality. New user interface is built in for easy operation, set-up and media browsing. Dual HDMI offers simultaneous output to video projector and flat panel, and there are a group of so many connectors that makes them hard to count.

It would take us five pages to print all Denon's specification and lots of time to explain all technologies that are built-in. "And the quality of the sound is..." you ask. I'll answer as my good friend would answer: "It's a Denon, you idiot. Don't ask stupid questions".

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