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Ultrabook Toshiba Kira, ultra power and functionality

Dale Davies |
The Toshiba Kira series have always featured sleek design and excellent display, and the newest member of the family continues that tradition. This is one of the finest examples of very capable ultrabooks.

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The Kira keeps the same look and feel as older models, very good display, and it features the top Intel Core i7 processor. So, enough power for your work on the go and then some. The Kira is light but well-built, something that should be the top priority for all ultrabooks. On the opposite side, keyboard keys are small - well, they can't be much bigger due to the Kira size - but they could give a bit better feeling under fingers and the touchpad should be a bit more responsive. But, this is nothing serious that would prevent us to work with it.

There is also the Technicolor Chroma Tune app for switching between display color profiles, which sounds cool although we don't see why we'd switch between color profiles every now and then. However, the display is very good with its 2,560 x 1,440 pixels resolution and in fact it goes from very good to great, depending on what you are looking at. And, touch response on the screen is also great, so we can't say anything bad in this regard.

The Kira is made of magnesium to be lighter and stronger than aluminum, and it can compete with MacBook the way it looks. The brushed-metal look across the back of the lid and the keyboard tray looks great, reminding us of some more expensive notebooks. The body is shallower than in some other 13-inch laptops, which means the Kira is well-designed for all traveling purposes when you don't have much space for a "full" notebook.

Regarding conectivity, there are three USB 3.0 ports - and they can power USB accessories even when the Kira is sleeping or powered off - and there are also an SD card slot and HDMI for video output if you really need it. Regarding battery, it can play videos for more than eight hours and that tells us it has enough power to go unscratched through the working day. All in all, the Kira from Toshiba is a very interesting device, packed with features and with enough power under the hood.

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