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Walker Audio Proscenium turntable

Dale Davies |
Walker Audio's new turntable, which you can get for $45,000, makes you think should you buy a decent car or this Hi-Fi miracle. However, we have no doubts which way the money of a true audio fan will go.

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Proscenium turntables have been awarded in almost all categories, making their price of $110,000 quite bearable but now stepped a step lower - in price terms - and made a more approachable device, yet similary spectacular in sound.

The Procession sounds amazing and offers features that make it super-easy to use and a joy to play. Audio aficionados will like the model without airbearing and the world's first turntable with remote control VTA/Stylus Rake Angle Adjustment armpod. With just a push of a button, you can adjust the VTA/SRA up or down to dial in the perfect setting. The Procession can accommodate up to three arms and you can buy more tonearms to have ready to install so you can go from one arm to another at will.

For the ultimate setup and sound, the company recommends their Procession phono amplifier. The Procession's arm wires can be fitted with male silver RCAs and plugged directly into the Procession phono amp. This eliminates the need for an interconnect at this critical connection and optimizes the sound of the Procession turntable. The Procession Reference phono amp has continuously-adjustable dual mono cartridge loading so you can dial in the precise loading needed to bring your cartridge to life.

The 30-pound platter is made of one piece of four-inch Delrin, a thermoplastic known for its dimensional stability and ability to be machined to close tolerances and low coeffiecient of friction. Each high-mass platter is balanced checked and is relieved for lead-in groove and record label. A long spindle housing made of a single piece of 3-inch solid brass to provide superior precision and stability. A single ceramic ball at the bottom of the spindle spins on a proprietary device for precise and trouble-free operation.

If you choose not to have the phono amp directly connected, then we highly recommend our Silent Source Reference phono cable. It utilizes the exact silver wire used in the tone arm for a perfect match. The Procession turntable is a five-piece product: platter/plinth assembly, armpod assembly with arm, motor, motor controller and VTA/SRA remote box. Available with optional platform. VTA/SRA may be adjusted remotely or adjusted manually during play. The Procession is without any doubt one the most interesting turntables on the market today.

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