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Gadgets : Page 44

Fujitsu did a great job with P1620

January 18, 2008
Fujitsu LifeBook P1620 is a lightweight, powerful notebook/tablet with managers as obvious target group. It is a great example of engineering and concentration on what businesswoman needs.

The art of shaving

January 15, 2008
The Braun Pulsonic comes in three flavours with minor differences such as fast cleaning or different color combination. My advice is to go for 9595, the top of the line model.

Shiny flat panel Crystal

January 6, 2008
Dell made Crystal Display, a flat panel monitor that you will watch with pleasure. And you will invite others to watch it. It is a beautiful piece of design no matter is it off or on.

Another gem by TriGem

January 2, 2008
TriGem made one of the rare products in today's world of technology that make you yell: "I want it!” Lluon Crystal is what we are talking about.

Joybook Q41: With SideShow, for managers

December 28, 2007
BenQ Joybook Q41 is a nice device with a nice touch of Windows SideShow and we would like to see more laptops with that useful technology.

Clarion's car device goes to space

December 23, 2007
The crew of the International Space Station will be able to enjoy in CDs and DVDs. NASA selected the car A/V system from Clarion to be installed on the ISS.

3D buildings on 3D GPS

December 21, 2007
New GPS devices from Mio Technologies bring 3D mapping technology. Contrary to some other marketing hype, this technology really makes you riding easier.

Tried Dell tablet, won't go back

December 15, 2007
A very nice tablet PC comes from Michael Dell's company. After so many rumours and users' expectations, Dell Latitude XT tablet is on the table.

Play it again, Robot Sam

December 14, 2007
Toyota unveiled a robot that plays violin. In the last few years we saw a tremendous improvement in humanoid robots.

Millions in space, golf on Earth

December 7, 2007
As strange as it may seem, the multimillion dollar satellite in space can lift your golf experience to a higher level. What was once reserved for the army now it's reserved for you.

Mobile fashion statement from Willcom

December 2, 2007
nico japan mobile phone willcomThere are more and more users that want mobile phone with basic capabilities, not "everything squeezed-in" devices. Nico+ from Willcom is such device and a fashion statement.

Sennheiser CX400: A relief to my ears

November 26, 2007
A little test showed how much wisely chosen earphones can attribute to listening experience. This time, I'm writing about Sennheiser CX400.