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Hollywood Regency, the style that's always in

November 11, 2023
It was natural that the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood movies find its way into people's home and the Hollywood Regency style was born, but there are some caveats you should avoid.

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A walk in closet, the crown jewel of the bedroom

Filippo Loreti, premium Italian timepieces for adventurous gentlemen

October 28, 2023
Filippo Loreti is a premium Italian timepieces brand created for gentlemen who like adventure and luxury watches.

Creative furniture that redefines the meaning of sofa

October 21, 2023
A sofa is a sofa. Until a good designer takes it into their hands.

Perfect ovens for perfect pizza at home

October 14, 2023
From wood-fired flavour to gas-powered home pizza oven, with all the options out there it's hard to decide which one to get.

Designer radiators, focal point that heats your room

October 7, 2023
Thanks to new designers radiators are no longer an ugly necessity in our rooms.

What to do and what not to do when designing your living room

September 30, 2023
Clever design ideas can make a difference between a bad and a great living room.

Yves Delorme, luxury linen for kings and you

September 23, 2023
Yves Delorme produces luxury linen since 1845 and every year of their experience is visible in their works.

Graff, obsession with perfection

September 16, 2023
Graff of London selects diamonds in a unique way and they are obsesses with perfection which shows in their every piece.

Ballerina kitchens, the dance of style and function

September 9, 2023
When something is made in Germany you know that it's made to the highest standards and functionality, and Ballerina kitchens are a great example of that.

Big ideas for small interiors

August 26, 2023
When you live in a small space you need a lot of creativity to organize each room.
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