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Fabulous Christmas garlands to make your holidays joyful

December 7, 2019
Besides having a Christmas tree, adding garland to your home is a great way to bring Christmas cheer into your home. We have some great ideas for you how to do it.

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Unusual contemporary table lamps

Interior design de France

Small spaces: It's all about clever solutions

November 23, 2019
When designing for small living spaces, it's not about the smallest pieces of furniture you can find, it's about the smart, innovative solutions to design with both form and function in mind.

Showerheads, your personal spa-like comfort

November 16, 2019
There is no better way to start the day than feeling tiny water droplets falling on the body. Discover your perfect showerhead and transform your daily shower routine into a spa experience.

Roche Bobois furniture, premium French art de vivre

November 9, 2019
The idea that started in 1950 as another usual furniture business today is a premier French source of top design for every home that wants only the best.

Wall mirrors, an artistic statement in your home

October 26, 2019
Wall mirrors are much more than just a spot where you can check your look. It can be an accent that turns your room into an almost museum, a piece that visually extends your space into something very exciting and unexpected.

High-end bedrooms: The art of Italian luxury sleeping

October 19, 2019
When it's about luxury sleeping, there is only one school of design you should take a look into: an Italian one.

Outdoor kitchen: An oasis for your lifestyle

October 12, 2019
Outdoor kitchens are everyone's favorite, but what makes them so special? Here are a few details you may use to make yours unique and exciting.

Leather sofa, absolute perfection for your living room

September 28, 2019
If you want a timeless and spectacular piece of furniture for you living room there is one answer to that: a leather sofa. And they do look spectacular indeed.

Improve the look of your living room: From modern to rustic, glorious TV stands are here

September 21, 2019
Floating TV stands are one of those things we take for granted: They simply stand on the wall because we have to put our electronics somewhere. Fortunately, some designers don't think so.

AGA cooker, an unbelievable mix of warmth and kitchen efficiency

September 14, 2019
Can you imagine having anything in your home, anything!, that works perfectly for 80 years? Of course you can't. Unless you have an AGA stove in your kitchen.
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