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Most close relatives of birds neared potential for powered flight

August 12, 2020
Uncertainties in the evolutionary tree of birds and their closest relatives have impeded deeper understanding of early flight in theropods, the group of dinosaurs that includes birds.

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Most close relatives of birds neared potential for powered flight

Finnish sauna tradition seeks UNESCO recognition

Bright spots on Ceres came from salty water inside

August 11, 2020
One of the mysteries the images raised was what caused the bright spots on the surface of Ceres.

Largest natural color diamond ever found in Russia’s Yakutia

August 10, 2020
Almazy Anabara (Diamonds of Anabar), a part of ALROSA Group, found a 236ct rough diamond of intense yellow brown color.

DNA from an ancient unidentified ancestor was passed down to humans

August 7, 2020
A new analysis of ancient genomes suggests that different branches of the human family tree interbred multiple times, and that some humans carry DNA from an archaic, unknown ancestor.

England's first wild beavers for 400 years can stay

August 6, 2020
The first beavers to be introduced into the wild in England for 400 years were on Thursday given permission to stay, in what campaigners hailed as a landmark move.

Malignant cancer diagnosed in a dinosaur for the first time

August 5, 2020
A collaboration led by the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and McMaster University has led to the discovery and diagnosis of an aggressive malignant bone cancer an osteosarcoma for the first time ever in a dinosaur.

Lockdown caused longest quiet period of seismic noise in Earth's history

August 3, 2020
The lack of human activity during lockdown caused human vibrations in the Earth to drop by an average of 50% between March and May 2020.

Surprising number of exoplanets could host life

August 3, 2020
A new study shows other stars could have as many as seven Earth-like planets in the absence of a gas giant like Jupiter.

First image of planet system captured 300 light years away

August 3, 2020
The European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope (ESO's VLT) has taken the first ever image of a young Sun like star accompanied by two giant exoplanets.

NASA launches Mars rover Perseverance to look for signs of ancient life

July 30, 2020
NASA’s Perseverance rode a mighty Atlas V rocket into a clear morning sky in the world’s third and final Mars launch of the summer.
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