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Researchers discover planet that might have clouds made of water

June 11, 2021
A new planet resembling Neptune could help us better understand far-away planetary systems, as well as our own, according to NASA.

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Researchers discover planet that might have clouds made of water

Ice is everywhere on dwarf planet Ceres

Toshiba completes its first manufacturing of one of world's largest toroidal field coils for ITER

June 10, 2021
Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation has announced that it has completed its first manufacturing of toroidal field coils for ITER.

Experiments show natural selection opposes sexual selection

June 8, 2021
Natural selection can reverse evolution that occurs through sexual selection and this can lead to better females, new research shows.

70-year-old coffee-killing fungus brought back to life to fight disease

June 4, 2021
Researchers have re-animated specimens of a fungus that causes coffee wilt to discover how the disease evolved and how its spread can be prevented, Imperial College London reports.

Largest community woodland in east UK to be created in Essex

June 2, 2021
The woodland at Hole Farm near Great Warley, Brentwood in Essex is at the heart of the project’s plans to boost the wildlife and increase habitats in the area.

Biologists find invasive snails using new technique

June 1, 2021
Biologists led by the University of Iowa discovered the presence of the invasive New Zealand mud snail by detecting their DNA in waters they were inhabiting incognito.

Non-invasive procedure allows obtaining archaeological information without excavating

May 31, 2021
An international archaeological study, led by researchers from the Culture and Socio-Ecological Dynamics (CaSEs) research group at Pompeu Fabra University, has advanced in the understanding and preservation of archaeological sites and in improving their analysis and surveying, thanks to the application of pXRF (portable X-ray fluorescence analysis) to anthropogenic sediments in Africa.

High chance of hitting 1.5 degree C tipping point during next five years

May 27, 2021
There is a 40% chance of the annual average global temperature reaching 1.5 degrees Celsius (°C) temporarily in at least one of the next five years, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

Scientists sound alarm about unprecedented mercury accumulation in Pacific Ocean trenches

May 26, 2021
A newly released scientific paper in Nature Publishing's Scientific Reports Journal has revealed unprecedented amounts of highly toxic mercury are deposited in the deepest trenches of the Pacific Ocean.

Ancient Australian Aboriginal memory tool superior to 'memory palace' learning

May 25, 2021
Australian scientists have compared an ancient Greek technique of memorizing data to an even older technique from Aboriginal culture, using students in a rural medical school.
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