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Astrophysics team lights the way for more accurate model of the universe

October 20, 2020
Light from distant galaxies reveals important information about the nature of the universe and allows scientists to develop high precision models of the history, evolution and structure of the cosmos.

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Black holes recycle matter and energy

Lada will make an expedition to the Arctic

Rain really can move mountains

October 19, 2020
A pioneering technique which captures precisely how mountains bend to the will of raindrops has helped to solve a scientific enigma.

Germany installs space debris tracking radar

October 14, 2020
After five years of development and construction, Germany's first space radar was installed near the city of Koblenz, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) announced on Tuesday.

Central Asian horse riders played ball games 3,000 years ago

October 13, 2020
Researchers have investigated ancient leather balls discovered in the graves of horse riders in northwest China.

Signals from distant stars connect optical atomic clocks across Earth for first time

October 9, 2020
Using radio telescopes observing distant stars, scientists have connected optical atomic clocks on different continents.

Venus may have had water and atmosphere

October 8, 2020
A growing body of research suggests the planet Venus may have had an Earth like environment billions of years ago, with water and a thin atmosphere.

Some planets may be better for life than Earth

October 6, 2020
Earth is not necessarily the best planet in the universe.

Dog brains do not prefer faces

October 6, 2020
Even though dogs gaze into man's eyes, dog brains may not process faces as human brains do.

Big asteroid to enter Earth’s orbit on October 7

October 6, 2020
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Tuesday has warned that an asteroid bigger than a Boeing 747 jet is set to collide with Earth's orbit on October 7.

Einstein's theory just got 500 times harder to beat

October 3, 2020
Einstein's theory of general relativity the idea that gravity is matter warping spacetime has withstood over 100 years of scrutiny and testing, including the newest test from the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration, published today in the latest issue of Physical Review Letters.
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