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LinkedIn can trigger feelings of imposter syndrome

November 27, 2023
The use of professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn can stir up feelings of self doubt, research suggests.

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New theory of decision-making seeks to explain why humans don't make optimal choices

Black executives more likely to be demoted than their counterparts

Study suggests corporate culture thwarts efforts to hire innovative candidates

November 20, 2023
Despite the rhetoric from CEOs about the importance of recruiting for innovation, entrepreneurs face an established hiring bias.

Workplace wellness policies could soften effects of workaholism

November 13, 2023
Employers should consider more ways to facilitate time off for the employees who are least likely to take it workaholics.

Customers willing to wait longer for delivery when they shop in store showroom

November 6, 2023
New research from Gao and colleagues at Michigan State University and Southern Methodist University finds renewed value in stores returning to an old concept store showroom particularly when larger durable goods are involved.

Internal crowdfunding fosters innovation and engages employees

October 30, 2023
In a several-round-long crowdfunding initiative, the employees of Siemens not only had the opportunity to present their own ideas on an in-house online platform; in the role of investors, they were also able to choose which projects to implement.

Employee owned businesses deliver an 8 to 12% productivity boost

October 23, 2023
New research suggests the fast growing UK employee ownership sector is markedly outperforming the UK's national productivity trend while simultaneously contributing to employee well being, fair pay, community resilience and commitment to net zero.

Better salary more important than meaningful work, says study

October 16, 2023
When choosing between meaningful work or a better salary, it's not even close, most people overwhelmingly prefer higher-paying jobs with low meaningfulness over low-salary jobs with high meaningfulness, says new research from a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign expert who studies what factors contribute to meaning in life and in work.

On the job training can lead to higher employee satisfaction

October 9, 2023
The value of on the job training should not be underestimated, according to a University of Auckland study, which found that overeducated and over skilled employees are less likely to quit if training is available.

When you fail on a job interview, do what actors do

October 2, 2023
A job interview for any position in the company may fail in a big way and if we hope for the job that may mean a lot of stress and bad emotions.

Handsome bank CEOs can earn a million more than their less attractive colleagues

September 25, 2023
Appearance significantly influences the compensation of chief executive officers in the banking sector.
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