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Ad sharing: Smiles are different, emotions that boost sharing might not always boost sales

February 22, 2021
In one of the more memorable commercials of Super Bowl 2020, rapper Lil Nas X and actor Sam Elliott face off in a dance duel for Cool Ranch Doritos, reports.

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Carefully chosen wording can increase donations by over 300 percent

What is impossible? Nothing!

Being promoted gives you strong sense of group identity

February 15, 2021
What has kept these leaders from actually speaking out against unethical practices?

Remote working is here to stay but you should organize your company for them to stay

February 8, 2021
It's easy to send everybody home but the question is how to ensure that they get the job done, and that both you and them are satisfied.

How to recognize burnout and save your employees

February 1, 2021
Organizations often attempt to gauge burnout with annual wellness surveys, which have several important limitations.

If your star employee leaves, be very careful

January 25, 2021
Movement of talented employees across firms is inevitable, but if you’re in a leadership role, there are things you can do when a star employee leaves.

Give employees leadership responsibilities and you'll get more efficient workers

January 18, 2021
Giving employees added responsibilities at work can significantly help their development and even change their personality traits, found a study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School.

Surprise: Negative reviews boost sales

December 14, 2020
Aleksei Smirnov, Assistant Professor, HSE University Faculty of Economic Sciences, and Egor Starkov, Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen, have constructed a mathematical model that explains why it is advantageous for sellers not to delete negative reviews of their products.

An important advice for all leaders out there: Your people don't want just their paycheck

December 7, 2020
If you work in a good advertising agency, you are trained to ask a very important question: “Why should anybody care?”

Simple signs to spot toxic work environment

November 30, 2020
It’s not always easy to spot a toxic work environment but you can spot one if you pay attention to some details.

A primary task of leadership is to direct attention

November 23, 2020
To do so, leaders must learn to focus their own attention, Daniel Goleman writes.
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