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How to trust your gut and make a decision

July 20, 2020
There are times and places when relying on your intuition can guide you to places that are bigger and better than if you’d relied on data alone.

Give your team an unexpected reward and watch them flourish

July 13, 2020
The element of surprise has been proven to be a powerful motivational tool.

How to overcome your fear of making mistakes

July 6, 2020
No one can reduce mistakes to zero, but you can learn to harness your drive to prevent them and channel it into better decision making.

Insurtech in a pandemic: Creating opportunities from threats

June 29, 2020
Researchers from Cass Business School suggest that Covid-19 will act as a catalyst for the industry-wide adoption of new digital initiatives in the insurance industry.

Five ways leaders can support remote work

June 22, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has forced many employees to work from home, and the magnitude of the shift to remote work is staggering.

If you have hard time during a crisis do not increase your prices

June 15, 2020
Economic theories sometimes collide with ethical concerns.

Trust your employees if you want more patents

June 8, 2020
A research from Kieu Trang Nguyen, assistant professor in Northwestern’s Department of Strategy, finds that when a firm replaces its CEO with one who’s likely to be more trusting, the firm produces more patents.

To get a good analyst’s forecasts, find one that shares the name with your CEO

June 1, 2020
Scietists examined whether the sharing of a first name between a security analyst and the CEO of a covered firm affects the accuracy of the analyst’s forecasts.

How CEOs can lead selflessly through crisis

May 18, 2020
You might think that crises tend to bring out the worst in people, but that isn’t reflected in how we view our leaders, at least.

Confident CEO is good but overconfident not so much

May 11, 2020
Boards play an important role in creating succession plans and selecting future CEOs.

Now it's clear: Offices exist where CEOs and middle managers are dictators

May 4, 2020
Yes, we know, the title sounds harsh but it is true.

If you share a first name with your boss you have a greater chance to be successful

April 27, 2020
According to a study led by Assistant Professor of Accounting Omri Even-Tov from the University of California, Berkeley, it was found that there is a positive correlation between an analyst’s ability to forecast the company’s earnings if that individual shared the same name as the CEO of their firm.
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