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Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence among biggest threats to world economy, CEOs say

July 15, 2019
CEOs see cybersecurity as the number one threat to the global economy over the next five to ten years, a new report has claimed.

Jobseekers want bosses who take a stand on a political issue

July 8, 2019
Chief executives who speak out on political issues and take a principled stance are increasingly sought out by jobseekers who believe such behaviour signals fair treatment, respect for employees, and a more responsible vision beyond nurturing the bottom line, new research shows.

Firms violating non-accounting securities laws more likely to breach GAAP

July 1, 2019
Firms who breach non-accounting securities laws are more likely to subsequently violate accounting rules.

Bosses who put their followers first can boost their business

June 24, 2019
Companies would do well to tailor training and recruitment measures to encourage managers who have empathy, integrity and are trustworthy - because they can improve productivity, according to new research from the University of Exeter Business School.

Female CFOs may be better than males at preventing financial fraud

June 17, 2019
Companies with female chief financial officers are less likely to misreport key data in financial statements, according to research from The University of Alabama.

Why do top executives leave companies? It's about reputation

June 10, 2019
In a new study, researchers at the University of Missouri have called attention to the importance of several types of disruptive events that contribute to top executives leaving companies.

If you can't read the future stop worrying in advance

June 3, 2019
How this will end? Did we do everything we could? Maybe we won\'t get that job after all...

Companies benefit from giving congressional testimony

May 20, 2019
Firms looking to boost their market value and make a favorable impression on investors might consider opportunities to testify before Congress, according to a new study by management researchers at the University of Arkansas.

Time is money. Especially when it comes to giving and taxes

May 13, 2019
Would you be more likely to donate to charity if you could report the gift sooner on your taxes?

When hiring, don't forget: Creativity is not just for the young

May 6, 2019
If you believe that great scientists are most creative when they\'re young, you are missing part of the story.

Want to increase staff loyalty? You'll need to be seen as important

April 29, 2019
Offering praise and having a good working relationship isn\'t always enough to engender loyalty from staff - employees also need to feel that the relationship with their boss is important, according to new research.

Importance of having and communicating organizational values in company

April 15, 2019
All organizations want motivated employees, but how can management practices contribute to employee motivation?
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