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50% of apples in Czech Republic imported

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In 2015 the Czech Republic imported 84,000 tons of apples - a record figure in the country’s history.

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Prior to that, the most apples were imported in 2012 - 83,300 tons. Due to the Russian antisanctions, including the import of fruit from the EU, there has been a surplus of apples and their prices have plummeted.

In connection with the falling prices, demand increased. For example, Italian apples, which are considered among the best in Europe, now cost the same as their Czech equivalents, so people are willing to buy fruit from Italy. Now in Czech stores, 49% apples are imported. As for strawberries, 75% are imported.

The Czech Republic also exports apples which are bought by juice manufacturers. In 2015, 93,000 tons of apples were exported, in 2014- 45,000 tons.

At the moment, twice as many different fruits are imported into the Czech Republic than there were before its entry into the EU.