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$500,000 funding to help Ontario's beekeepers better manage pests

Christian Fernsby |
The Governments of Canada and Ontario are announcing cost-share funding to support and strengthen the health of the province's honey bees and beekeeping sector.

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Through a targeted intake under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, the federal and provincial governments are investing up to $500,000 to help beekeepers make improvements to better manage pests such as Varroa mites, diseases and other stressors and to grow their bee-related business.

Under this special application intake, beekeepers will be able to apply for funding to support the following:

- Equipment to prevent the introduction and spread of disease and increase overwinter survival of bees

- Sampling and analysis for pests and diseases to increase adoption of integrated pest management and other best management practices

- Business supports to help beekeepers grow their business

- At 23 per cent, Ontario’s average overwinter bee colony losses for this past winter were down significantly from the 2017-18 winter, based on beekeepers’ responses to OMAFRA’s spring 2019 survey.

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