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9% drop in yield for Bulgarian tomato production

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While grain crop producers report higher yields for all crops, except for rapeseed, fruit and vegetable producers are experiencing a very worrying fall in their production volumes.

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This is due to two main reasons: firstly, because the acreage is becoming increasingly smaller, and secondly, because of the impact of bad weather conditions in spring and high temperatures in July and the first ten days of August.

When it comes to vegetables, the biggest fall is recorded by tomatoes, with a 16% drop in the volume harvested compared to the same period last year, as revealed by Agrostatistics in the first week of August.

So far, 17,178 tonnes of tomatoes have been harvested, with a yield of 1,362 kg per hectare. This yield is about 19 percent lower than that of the summer of 2016.

Notable drops have also been recorded by melons and watermelons, with 44% and 22% lower productions than in 2016, respectively.

A total of 3,536 tonnes of melons and 21,756 tonnes of watermelons have been harvested so far.

The average yield is 32 percent lower than in 2016 in the case of melons and 15 percent lower in the case of watermelons.

The situation of potatoes is also interesting. Although the acreage has stood at just 25,159 hectares this year, which is 17 percent less than in 2016, the yields are exceptionally good, with 1,489 kg per hectare, which is 21.4% more than last summer.

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