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90% of consumers who buy less pork have not cut back consciously

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Around 90 percent of consumers who are buying less pork have not cut back consciously, according to initial research into why consumption has been falling in recent months.

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The National Pig Association suggests reversing the downward trend will be do-able, particularly if consumers see more convenience products on supermarket shelves.

Eye-appeal is also important as pork is still considered by some shoppers to be a fatty meat — so a lean appearance is important to achieve a healthy image.

Consumers aged 35-44 have contributed the biggest declines in pork consumption but all consumer groups have registered declines, except children aged 5-9.

Even bacon, sausage and ham consumption has been declining — except at breakfast-time where consumers are more engaged with these products. Own-label brands continue to dominate the sausage market with premium sausages being the largest tier which, although still in decline, is performing better that other tiers.