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95% drop in chestnut production in Campania, Italy

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In Campania, the leading producer region in Italy, 90% drops in chestnut production are expected.

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Lower volumes are expected everywhere in the south, while there should be a slight recovery in the north, though there are a few areas dealing with lack of rain.

The fight against gall wasp is doing rather well in the north but, in central and southern Italy, the bad weather combined with the damage caused by the insect.

"There is a 95% drop in production all over Italy. We are experiencing difficulties for the fifth season in a row and, therefore, chestnut groves are being abandoned," explains a producer from Campania.

"At least last year we could carry out treatments, but this year there are no burrs. This happened because, in addition to plant stress and gall wasp problems, temperatures were too low during blossoming."

The weather is causing quite a few problems for trees, "just think that 32°C were registered in the Salerno area in the past few days, and it is almost November!"

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