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Afghanistan's National Growers Union says saffron is of exceptional quality

Christian Fernsby |
The test results are in, and saffron from Afghanistan has surpassed expectations for quality.

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While Afghan producers have long believed in the quality of their production, third party lab results on 51 samples tested against ISO 3632 by a fully accredited laboratory in India confirms the exceptional quality of the Afghan product.

The primary factors in determining saffron quality are color, flavor, and aroma measured by the concentration of the compounds crocin, picrocrocin and safranal.

In two of the most critical components—color and flavor—saffron quality from Afghanistan was off the charts, affirming Afghanistan’s saffron product superiority and firmly establishing it as an up and coming player in the spice arena.

Afghan saffron also tested remarkably of floral waste and extraneous matter, and was free of any artificial coloring.

“We were extremely pleased with the test results,” said Eng.

Bashir Ahmad Rashidi, President of Afghanistan National Saffron Grower's Union.

“This is a great starting point for our continued efforts in introducing Afghan saffron to global markets.”

The Afghan growing environment is producing saffron products of remarkable quality.

In addition to offering traditional packaging of the crocus ‘threads,’ the saffron producing companies are also exploring uses of liquid extractions for use in flavorings and nutraceutical applications.

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