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African swine fever spreading in Bulgaria

Christian Fernsby |
Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) on Tuesday confirmed three more outbreaks of African swine fever in domestic pigs, bringing the total number to 14 in two weeks.

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One of the three outbreaks was confirmed in a backyard pig farm in the village of Balgarene in Pleven Region, the agency said a statement.

This is the tenth outbreak of African swine fever in domestic pigs in the region.

The other two cases were reported in Ruse Region in a registered family farm in the village of Pet Kladentsi with 19 pigs, and in a backyard farm in the village of Tsenovo with five pigs.

The BFSA once again reminds that it is essential for farmers to comply with the rules on disease prevention, and all sick and dead pigs should be reported immediately, the statement said.

"African swine fever is a disease with a potential for rapid spread; the virus is extremely resistant to the environment, and factors for its spread, besides infected pigs, are also contaminated pork meat and products, vehicles, equipment and so on," the statement said.

The first case of African swine fever in domestic pigs in Bulgaria this year was reported on July 3 in the in a small farm in the village of Zhernov in Pleven Region.

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