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African swine fever spreads to two new regions in Latvia

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The inspectors of the Latvian Food and Veterinary Service last week found 14 wild boars killed by African swine fever (ASF), including in two regions in central Latvia that had been hit by the disease first time, the veterinary authority said LETA.

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A dead wild boar with ASF was found in Jaunpils county, Jaunpils region, for the first time, and another dead wild boar was discovered in Carnikava county, Carnikava region, which had been unaffected by the disease until now.

One or two dead wild boars were found in a number of other counties which had seen ASF cases before, with the largest number of ASF cases recorded in western Latvia this week.

So far this year ASF has been found in 591 wild boars in 139 counties in 65 regions in Latvia.

The ASF outbreak started in Latvia in June 2014 not far from the border with Belarus.

African swine fever is an extremely dangerous and contagious virus infection affecting pigs.

If an infected pig is found in a farm, all pigs in the particular farm have to be culled, which means big losses for farmers.

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