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Africa's poultry industry on the rise

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Rabobank says in a report that Africa is ready to take its place on the world stage, as the poultry industry is evolving, from a national and regional basis to a more global platform.

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The report adds that a growth of more than 60% of poultry demand is expected during the next 20 years including in Africa.

According to the same source, under the impetus of a dynamic market, recent investments in the sector have been concentrated in Europe, America and Asia.

The decision by a Africa’s growing middle class to move from vegetable-based consumption to a more protein rich diet has made poultry and eggs the protein choice for African consumers.

Africa’s poultry market is experiencing a boom as a result of its rapid population and economic growth.

A ban on poultry products by African countries so as to protect local producers, has not been effective in addressing the impact on foreign imports.

The short pay back time for poultry and egg production makes the sector easy to expand.

The growth in the poultry sector also offers opportunities for investment in related areas such as equipment or animal feed.

Many Sub-Saharan African countries like Nigeria, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe have the potential to further increase their feed ingredient supply, which could support a more competitive supply of poultry in these countries, as feed costs make up around 70 percent of total costs.

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