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Agriculture workers in Wales will receive average 6% pay increase

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The new Agricultural Wages (Wales) Order came into force, meaning workers in Wales will receive an average 6% pay increase based on previous minimum pay rates.

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At present, agricultural workers in Wales are subject to the minimum pay rates specified by the last Agricultural Wages Order issued by the Agricultural Wages Board in 2012, except for Grade 1 which is set at the current National Minimum Wage.

The new Order rewards skills, and links pay rates to qualifications through a six grade career structure. It preserves this structure for standard and flexible workers to encourage up-skilling, career development and the further modernisation and professionalism of the agriculture industry in Wales.

The new Order importantly introduces revised pay rates for all grades and categories of agricultural workers in Wales.

The 6% pay increase will apply to grades 2 to 6, young workers of compulsory school age, and apprentices.

Since 2012, the hourly pay of Grade 1 workers has increased in line with increases in the National Minimum Wage, and now this Order will set the Grade 2p above the current National Minimum Wage at £6.72.

Deputy Minister for Farming and Food Rebecca Evans said: "The work we have been undertaking to preserve the Agricultural Minimum Wage regime in Wales provides benefits for the whole sector and the rural economy more widely, and underpins the our vision of a modern, professional and profitable agriculture industry in Wales."

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