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Alaska sends more fish to Yukon River communities

Christian Fernsby |
Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy is pleased to see another shipment of salmon heading to the Yukon River, a region dealing with the hardship of low fish escapements this summer.

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The state of Alaska recently sent shipments of salmon worth $60,000 and helped coordinate a $40,000 donation by four companies. Due to the Yukon’s historically low king and chum salmon returns, residents were unable to participate in subsistence or commercial fishing activities in 2021.

Twelve thousand pounds of salmon were purchased from Copper River Seafoods, by the State and sent last week to communities along the Upper and Lower Yukon. Six thousand pounds were trucked to Fairbanks by Lynden Transport Inc., and 6,000 pounds were flown to Emmonak by Everts Air. Tanana Chiefs Conference will distribute the salmon out of Fairbanks, and Kwik’Pak Fisheries is distributing salmon out of Emmonak.

Thanks to Donlin Gold, Doyon, Limited, Calista Corporation, and Nova Minerals who generously donated $10,000 each, an additional 8,000 pounds of salmon were sent this week to communities across the Yukon region. Three thousand pounds from Doyon, Limited, and Nova Minerals was trucked to Fairbanks yesterday, and 5,000 pounds from Calista Corporation, Donlin Gold, and Nova Minerals was flown to Emmonak.

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