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American Airlines Cargo helps boost Brazilian lime exports

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American Airlines Cargo has undertaken multiple shipments of limes from Brazil to meet demand during the peak growing season, just in time for the Cinco de Mayo holiday, where limes are in high demand.

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Multiple shipments of more than 227,000 pounds (103 tons) of the green citrus fruit have been moved from Brazil to Canada this past month.

To put it in perspective, that’s two slices of lime per Torontonian or around 1 million margaritas.

And, based on an average diameter of a lime, if you stacked these limes end-to-end, they would reach over 79,000 feet—twice a normal cruising altitude.

In a normal year, the Canadian market sources its lemons and limes from Mexico, but this year a low harvest has resulted in a much reduced crop.

Consumers in the food service industry, notably hotels and restaurants, are now turning to Brazilian limes because production is more reliable and not as susceptible to the weather.

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