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Another bird flu type in France, Minnesota and Ohio cleared

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France has detected its first cases of H5N3 bird flu and has found more cases of highly infectious strains during an outbreak of the disease.

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The outbreak is located in the southwest region of France and is a low-pathogenic strain, which means that it has less of an ability to produce disease symptoms.

France is already dealing with outbreaks of H5N1, H5N2and H5N9 avian flu, which are more pathogenic and which have affected the country's goose and foie gras farms.

Three cases of H5N3 bird flu were found at three different farms in the southwest, the French agricultural ministry said in a report.

The outbreak carries no risk for human health and there is expected to be no impact on how the agricultural ministry is handling the situation, a ministry official said.

Minnesota has lifted the last remaining quarantines on poultry farms that were infected with a deadly form of bird flu, officials announced Tuesday, marking a milestone in the state's recovery from an outbreak that cost its turkey and egg producers more than 9 million birds.

Ohio officials are lifting the ban on bird shows that was issued in June because of the threat of a deadly bird flu virus that affects domestic poultry.

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