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Argentina hopes to increase fruit exports to China

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Facing the severe fruit industry crisis, Argentine fruit growers hope more of their business can depend on the Chinese markets.

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This week, Argentina exported 143,584 kg of fruits to the Chinese market, which is the season's second batch of exported fruits to China.

In comparison to other country’s fruit exports volume to China, Argentine still ranks very low, but the volume continues to grow. According to East San Antonio North Port Pier statistics, Argentine exports to China amount to 218 tons by April 30.

In 2015, Argentina exported only 63 tons of pears to China, but this year's export volume has doubled so far. This is indeed quite a progress as China itself is already a main country for pear plantation.

Speaking of export criteria, the Chinese government has very strict hygiene standards. Any kind of soil, insects or leaves marks on cargo boxes are prohibited. In addition, they have very strict hygiene regulations for insect control.

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