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Argentina increases controls for shipment of fruit to Brazil

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There is generalized optimism after Senasa reached an agreement reached with Brazil.

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Most of the entrepreneurs linked to the activity are already working to start fruit shipments next week.

However, up until Friday, March 8, they had not received any official notification about the new conditions to export to the neighboring country.

"We are waiting to be notified about the points of the new agreement signed in Brasilia so that we can inform the companies about the changes there are," said an important executive of the Fruit Chamber when asked about the issue.

To date, Brazil has rejected eleven trucks with Argentine fruit at the border due to the presence of pests in their loads.

The number is negligible in relation to the total of trucks that move per year, but it is still high when compared to last season.

Senasa authorities are expected to formalize the new agreement signed with Brazil so that exports to this destination can resume.

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