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Atlantic Sapphire: All fish lost after fire at Denmark facility

Christian Fernsby |
On September 15, 2021 at approximately 8:20pm CEST, a fire broke out in the facility of Atlantic Sapphire Denmark A/S, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atlantic Sapphire.

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All employees are safely out of the building and accounted for. There are no reported injuries.

The Company expects the full Danish facility will be impacted by the fire and that the damages will be material and substantial. The cause of the fire is currently unknown. The standing biomass in the Danish facility is expected to be lost.

The Danish facility is insured against fire for the full book value of the facility of approximately USD33 million.

Denmark's Central and West Jutland Police said Friday afternoon a chemical leak resulting from the devastating fire at Atlantic Sapphire's Danish facility was now under control but were still recommending people avoid the site and nearby water due to possible pollution from the dangerous chemical ferric chloride.

The initial warning applied to people who had been at the Langsand area in Hvide Sande to an area called Karen Brands Vej, and a thousand meters off the coast from these areas.

The police added that it was investigating the fire, and would issue an update on Monday.

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