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Aussie agriculture reaches new highs

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Agriculture Census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics highlights opportunities for institutional investors as the total value of Australia's agriculture production continues to rise.

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During 2015-16, the gross value of Australian agriculture increased by 6% to $56 billion with all states except Northern Territory showing an increase.

Industry Super Australia has been one group supporting the idea of further agriculture investment.

ISA chief economist Stephen Anthony recently said that with the right expertise and policy settings, industry superannuation funds could be enticed to substantially increase agriculture investment.

"Institutional players have not always fared well in Australian agriculture. Past failures, poorly executed or short sighted, usually revealed on closer examination mitigating factors, if not a silver lining," he said.

"With scale and the right settings, the fundamentals of relatively stable returns, capital appreciation from rising land values and renewable income cash flows are very attractive."

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