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Australia: New free easy-to-read cyber security guide available to farmers

Christian Fernsby |
Producers and small businesses in Australia’s red meat and livestock industry can help protect their data from common cyber-attacks with a new, easy-to-read guide to cyber security now available to download for free.

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A guide to protecting your farm data and information has been developed by Integrity Systems Company (ISC) and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), for producers and small businesses to understand and implement cyber security measures.

The guide provides clear explanations and advice on a range of topics including backing-up data, protecting against malware and ransomware, using passwords to protect data, two-factor authentication, keeping mobile devices safe, avoiding phishing attacks, encryption of data, responding to incidents, and ethical use of data.

ISC CEO Dr Jane Weatherley, said that while a cyber security incident that impacts a small business can be devastating, cyber security doesn’t have to be difficult.

“As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, protecting the business information or data stored on your computer, laptop, mobile phone and other digital devices is very important,” Dr Weatherley said.

“Cyber security is vital to help prevent a cyber-attack, which is any deliberate attempt by an individual or organisation to gain unauthorised access to a computer or computer system.

“There are simple measures that if understood and implemented, can help people significantly avoid, or reduce the impact of, the most common cyber security incidents and protect their data.

“If you are learning about cyber security for the first time, or are keeping yourself up to date, this guide is an excellent place to start.

“Following the advice in this guide will significantly increase your protection of important business data and information from the most common types of cyber-attacks.”

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