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Austrian agriculture produced more milk, eggs and fish in 2016

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In 2016, Austria's agriculture produced about 3.66 million tons of cow, sheep and goat milk (+3% compared to the previous year), 1.88 billion eggs (+4%) and 4 000 tons of fish (+5%), as Statistics Austria supply balance sheets show.

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Meat production slightly decreased to 910 500 tons of meat (-1%) within the same period.

384,300 tons of meat (+2%), 57,500 tons of drinking milk including yoghurt (-32%), 117,500 tons of cheese (+6%) and 72,900 tons of fish (+4%) were imported to meet domestic demand. However, 513,200 tons of meat (-2%), 497,300 tons of drinking milk (+1%) and 142,600 tons of cheese (+5%) were exported during the same period.

The degree of self-sufficiency was 112% for cheese, 108% for meat, 86% for eggs and 71% for butter.

The total agricultural foreign trade volume (crop and animal sector) amounted to € 21.8 bn (imports: € 11.4 bn; exports: € 10.4 bn). This corresponds to a share of 8.2% of the total foreign trade volume of € 266.8 bn.

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