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Avian flu confirmed at a farm in Wyre, Lancashire

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The UK’s Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer has confirmed H5N8 avian flu in a flock of pheasants at a farm in Wyre, Lancashire.

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A 3 km Protection Zone and a 10 km Surveillance Zone are in place around the infected premises to limit the risk of the disease spreading.

This case was proactively identified as part of a routine investigation of premises traced as a result of confirmation of the disease in Lancashire earlier this week. There is a business link between the two premises.

The flock is estimated to contain approximately 1,000 birds. A number have died and laboratory results of samples taken were positive for H5N8. The remaining birds at the premises are being humanely culled.

A full investigation is under way to determine the source of the infection and related premises have been placed under restrictions which will remain in place until all investigations are complete.

Public Health England advises that the risk to public health from the virus is very low and the Food Standards Agency is clear that bird flu does not pose a food safety risk for UK consumers.

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