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Avian flu virus found in bird excretions in rural South Korean city

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A South Korean provincial government said Tuesday that the avian influenza (AI) virus had been found in bird excretions in the southern part of the country.

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The government of North Gyeongsang Province said the H7N7 strain of avian influenza was detected in the excretions of wild birds in Yeongcheon, 344 kilometers south of Seoul.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs will check to see if the virus is highly pathogenic by Friday though most of the H7N7-type viruses found in North Gyeongsang Province have turned out to be weakly pathogenic, the provincial government said.

The Gyeongbuk government and Yeongcheon city have designated everything within a 10 kilometer radius of the virus detection point under quarantine, banning poultry farms from relocating hens, ducks and geese until the examination is completed.

In the Gyeongbuk area, a highly pathogenic strain of avian flu broke out in November last year.

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