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Azerbaijan reduced export of fruit and vegetables 20% in January February 2020

Christian Fernsby |
In January February 2020, Azerbaijan exported 62,966 thousand tons of fruits and vegetables worth $75 million 556.37 thousand, as reported the State Customs Committee (SCC) to Interfax Azerbaijan.

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Compared with January -February 2019, the export of fruits and vegetables has been reduced 20.4% in terms of volume and 0.5% in terms of value.

In January-February 2020, a total of 19,112 thousand tons of tomatoes were delivered abroad for $ 24 million 715.21 thousand. This entails an increase of 25.1% in terms of volume and of 38.8% in terms of value compared with January February 2019.

The list of products exported included hazelnuts, with 3,734 thousand tons (a 21.9% drop) worth $ 22 million 576.44 thousand (-10%); apples, with 15,438 thousand tons (-33.86%) worth $ 6 million 617.48 thousand (-32.4%) and kakis, with 17,909 thousand tons (-22.3%) worth $ 14 million 109 thousand (-19.3%).

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