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Bird flu confirmed in Norfolk premises

Christian Fernsby |
Attleborough, BrecklandUK authorities have recorded a new case of bird flu following confirmation of the disease in a non poultry, captive bird premises in Norfolk.

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Avian influenza of the H5N8 subtype was recorded in a premises near Attleborough, Breckland on 26 December, Defra said.

A 3km and 10km Temporary Control Zone has been declared around the premises.

The pathogenicity is yet to be confirmed, the department added.

It is a legal requirement for all farmers and poultry keepers to keep their birds indoors following a string of outbreaks.

They will need to follow strict biosecurity measures to limit the spread of avian influenza and eradicate the disease.

The risk of incursion of bird flu is 'very high' for wild birds, and 'medium' for poultry with high biosecurity and 'high' for poultry with poor biosecurity.

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