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Bird flu outbreak on German turkey farm

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A turkey farm in the German region of Lower Saxony has become the latest to be hit by bird flu, after outbreaks on a number of other holdings in recent weeks.

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H5N8 bird flu was confirmed at the farm in Cloppenburg, the state’s agriculture ministry confirmed on Thursday. 16,000 birds on the farm will be killed under disease control measures.

The outbreaks have led to a tightening of biosecurity rules in countries including France - a major poultry producer which hasn’t yet recorded any outbreaks, though cases have been detected in wild birds in neighbouring Switzerland.

Poultry fairs and shooting meets are being postponed in France, and bird keepers have been made to keep their birds indoors or under netting to prevent contact with wild birds thought to be carrying the virus.

So far, most cases of the contagious strain of flu have been found in wild birds, but there have been outbreaks on farms in Austria, Denmark, Hungary and elsewhere in northern Germany.

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