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Bolivia plans to open Chinese market to four agriculture products

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Bolivia's Minister of Productive Development, Eugenio Rojas, informed the Andean Amazonic countryis ready to open the Chinese market to four Bolivian products: soybeans, quinua, coffee and beef.

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China is a very big market, what we have to do now is keep up the quality of our products and export, he told local media.

He said in coffee it is only expected to export 100 tons per year to the Asian nation, taking into account that market does not consume much of that product. Nevertheless, he said one of the Bolivian food products expected to enter that market strongly is quinua, which has no equal in the world and whose nutrients make it a cereal of high demand in the Asian market.

The minister detailed that Bolivia produces annually three million tons of soybean and an important volume is exported with aggregate value.

We expect to introduce the product in the Chinese market to boost national production and generate more surplus, he said.

On the other hand, he said that Bolivia must also demonstrate that Bolivian beef is high quality in the aspect of harmlessness so the product has free access to China.

As of now, in the visit of president Evo Morales to China, two phytosanitary protocols were signed habilitating quinua and coffee exports to the Asian country, he concluded.

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