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Bosnia and Herzegovina forbids 21 tonne of tangerines from Turkey

Christian Fernsby |
The phytosanitary inspection of Republika Srpska (RS), one of the entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), has forbidden import of 21 tonnes of tangerine from Turkey on Monday because of increased amount of pesticides, RS Inspectorate stated in a press release the same day.

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During the inspection of the shipment, the competent inspector carried out sampling for laboratory analysis to test for pesticide residues, which resulted in presence of pesticides above the prescribed maximum level.

Based on the laboratory analysis, an increased presence of “Fenvalerate”pesticide was found, which was above the values prescribed by the relevant rule book, was stated in the RS Inspectorate press release.

The exporter requested an additional analysis which was carried out in Serbia’s capital Belgrade, confirming the increased presence of the pesticide, after which RS Inspectorate brought the decision on return or destruction of tangerines already imported.

RS Inspectorate has in February this year forbade the import of tangerines due to increased level of “Fenvalerate” pesticides.

Fenvalerate is most commonly used to control insects in food, and may irritate the skin and eyes on contact, and is also harmful if swallowed.

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