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Brazil is largest exporter of poultry to South Africa

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Brazil is now the largest supplier of poultry meat to South Africa, with sales to the country totalling $132.8 million.

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In 2015, South Africa imported $365.7 million of this protein, of which $132.8 million were purchased in the Brazilian market (36.3 percent).

According to the Secretariat of Agribusiness International Relations (SRI) of the Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA), Brazil's participation was lower in 2014, with 31.5 percent, a total of US $374.6 million.

Brazil achieved the largest exporter position even with the increase in import tariffs of whole chicken from 27 percent to 82 percent, and on cuts from 5 percent to 12 percent, applied by the South African government from 2013 due to anti-dumping measures.

Brazil has had an agricultural official in South Africa since 2010.

"The presence of a Brazilian expert in the country intensifies opening of negotiations for new markets and contributes to the study of strategic information, essential for the promotion of exports," said MAPA's secretary of International Agribusiness Relations, Tatiana Palermo.

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