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Brazil meat exports boost agriculture economy 3 percent

Christian Fernsby |
Brazilian beef production is expected to grow 22 percent in value terms next year as Brazil captures new markets, the CNA said.

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China, Brazil's biggest market for food exports, increased imports of Brazilian chicken, beef and pork due to the outbreak of African swine fever that reduced its hog population and forced the country to buy more animal protein abroad.

Soy, the top crop of Brazilian agribusiness, accounted for 28 percent of its exports valued at $23.2 billion this year and will continue to grow in 2020.

With no El Niño or La Niña weather phenomena forecast, Brazil will have a bumper grain crop, though CNA officials warned that farmers will face higher costs, such as imported fertilisers and other foreign products due to a weaker currency.

Opening markets for new products, Brazil sold its first fresh fruit to China this year melons and also its first dairy products to China and Egypt, the CNA said.

To promote new business in Asia, the CNA opened an office in Shanghai this year and plans to open a second one in Singapore by the end of next year.

The CNA said infrastructure, the main hurdle facing Brazilian farmers who need to transport their products long distances to ports, had improved significantly under the government of President Jair Bolsonaro.

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