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Brazil plans to explore UAE fruit market

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A new survey conducted by the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, Apex-Brasil, shows that exploring the fruit market can be a way for Brazil to expand as a foodstuffs supplier in the UAE and Gulf states.

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"It’s a buyers' market, we have the fruits to sell and we’re not the main suppliers," said the coordinator of Market Intelligence at Apex-Brasil, Leonardo Machado.

The report, a preliminary analysis of a full study to be released next year, listed six food products whose sales Brazil would look to increase to the United Arab Emirates, fresh eggs, Brazil nuts, lemons and limes, grapes, melons and cloves.

The analysis primarily includes information on the UAE and Saudi Arabia as they have been identified as the region’s premier destinations for global food and beverage exports, as well as for exports from Brazil.

The UAE accounted for 0.63% of total exports from Brazil in 2014, but that share climbs to 1.1% when it comes to food and beverages. Saudi Arabia gets 0.56% of total Brazilian exports, and 1.5% for food and beverages.

Machado noted that Brazil already has the lion’s share of the market in the UAE in some food categories, with a 76.8% market share for uncooked chicken and a 70.3% share for refined sugar.

Brazil is now looking to branch out into markets dominated by other countries.

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