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Brazil: Value of agricultural production in 2021 should be 12.4% higher than last year

Christian Fernsby |
The projection of the Value of Agricultural Production (VBP) this year increased, in real values, 12.4% compared to 2020, which totaled R $ 940.9 billion.

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The predicted absolute value is R $ 1.057 trillion, the highest since 1989.[break]

Crops represent R $ 727.7 billion, and livestock, R $ 330.1 billion. Real growth should reach 16.1% in crops and 5.1% in livestock, according to a survey by the General Coordination for Policy and Information Evaluation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) .[break]

"In the last three years, soybeans and corn have shown successive sales records. The sum of these two activities resulted in a value of 65.4% of the VBP of the crops. In absolute values, soybeans have an estimate of R $ 345.9 billion and corn, R $ 129.9 billion. The internal demand and the behavior of the markets, the United States and China, have been the main responsible for this growth ", says the department.[break]

In livestock, the good performance is in the sectors of beef, chicken and milk, which correspond to 86.2% of the value generated. Beef represents 45.0% of the value of livestock, accompanied by chicken and milk.[break]

Another group of products with good estimates of VBP growth is: cotton, rice, orange, wheat and grapes. In lesser emphasis, but also with a projected result higher than that of 2020, are peanuts, beans and sugar cane.[break]

Among the products with low estimate are bananas, potatoes, tomatoes and coffee. The first three saw reductions in VBP due to lower prices, and coffee suffered a reduction in production due to droughts suffered last year.[break]

In the group of 25 products analyzed in the survey, 16 have prices received higher than last year. It can be said that, in general, producers have a better price environment this year.

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