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Brazil's agriculture minister wants to scrap endangered marine species list

Christian Fernsby |
Brazil's agriculture minister has asked the minister of the environment to suspend the country's list of threatened and endangered aquatic species.

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It's hurting fishermen, Jorge Seif Júnior argued, and will have a significant negative impact on the fishing economy.

The list includes many commercially valuable species and, as conservation organization Oceana described, "sparked discord" among conservationists and fishers.

Justifying his request for yet another suspension, Seif Júnior questioned the methods by which the list was created, saying, "Brazil should be guided by its own criteria for defining and adopting public policies that will affect the fauna and all Brazilians, and not by the criteria of international NGOs."

His office went on to say that it supports environmental conservation, but in a way that's economically, socially, and biologically sustainable: "Simply preserving marine species without thinking about the whole ecosystem is not effective to either the fishing industry or the human wellbeing of those who work as fishermen in this country."

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