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Brazil’s exports of tropical plywood increased 45%

Christian Fernsby |
Brazil’s exports volume of tropical plywood in 2019 totalled 89,120 m3, an increase of over 45% compared to 2018.

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However, the monthly average of around 7,400 m3is very low compared to the past decades and minute compared to the potential of the Brazilian tropical forest, as ITTO reported.

The top 5 markets for tropical plywood in 2019 were the US, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Canada which together accounted for over 80% of all exports of these products.

It has been difficult to expand markets for tropical veneer says the Brazilian Association of Mechanically Processed Timber Industry (ABIMCI) because of raw material supply issues.

However, despite this problem there was a significant growth in export volumes in 2019, with shipment of 25,848 m3, a good recovery compared to previous years.

The top 5 markets for Brazilian veneers in 2019 were South Korea, the U.S., Malaysia, the Philippines and China which together accounted for almost 70% of veneer exports.

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