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Brexit seen as highly worrying for Danish exporters

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The Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC) has said that Brexit is a blow to Danish exports, especially bacon.

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“The (exit) result will create uncertainty for a lot of Danish companies producing food for export,” said DAFC CEO, Karen Hækkerup, adding that is it “highly worrying that the Brits now leave the EU”.

“However I still believe there is a market for Danish bacon in the UK as the UK today is far from self-sufficient in agricultural products. We now have to try to work out agreements ensuring the export of bacon and other foodstuff in the future. It is not going to be an easy job.”

Hækkerup also said, however, that Denmark had exported foodstuff to Britain for decades and that there is every all reason to believe that the Brits will continue to import Danish products.

“DAFC now calls on the British government to ensure that necessary trade agreements are made as quickly as possible in order for Danish businesses to avoid extra costs and more paper work in the future,” she said.

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