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Bulgaria adopts national plan for organic farming development

Christian Fernsby |
Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry has adopted a national action plan for the development of organic production for the period until 2027, the institution said in a statement on Monday.

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"The plan will consolidate and further develop the leading position of our country in a number of organic productions," said the Ministry.

Creating conditions for the sustainability of small and family-run organic farms by promoting producers pooling, as well as the participation of organic farms in temporary employment schemes and free counseling and training for organic farmers, are among the measures included in the plan.

Bulgaria has appropriate soil and climatic conditions for the development of organic farming, the statement noted.

Since 2011, the certified areas for organic farming in Bulgaria have increased more than sixfold to 162,332 hectares, which are planted with crops such as grape, rose and lavender, it said.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria is among the leaders in Europe in organic beekeeping with the number of organic hives reaching 265,069 last year, a fourfold increase compared to 2011, added the statement.

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