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Bulgaria may scrap barriers on foreigners buying land

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Under EU pressure and to avoid heavy fines the Bulgarian government is moving to remove barriers against the acquisition of agricultural land by foreign citizens.

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Bulgaria’s Ministry of Agriculture and Foods has called for the legal barriers preventing foreign citizens from buying agricultural land to be scrapped, Minister Rumen Porozhanov said.

In an interview for BTV, the minister said the current requirement could lead to serious European sanctions being imposed.

As the law now stands, foreign citizens and companies must prove they have been settled in Bulgaria for at least five five years in order to buy farm land.

The law was introduced in 2014 by the then Socialist-led government of Plamen Oresharski.

In March that year, MPs initially introduced a condition of three years of settlement in the county for acquiring agricultural property.

This was later extended to five years on the demand of the nationalist ATAKA party, which is currently part of the coalition government led by Boyko Borissov.

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